Feline Pink Pride Flag


Ships directly from China



The Feline Pride Flag is a flag designed by the lovely people over at Good House Kinking.

The colour scheme of this flag is an alternate version, focusing more on pink. Pink kittens, your voices have been heard!

This flag is great for any kitten, feline or anyone who wants to be a little more cat.

Additional Information

We add two metal gromets on the side which allow you to attach the flag to a flag pole quite easily. Or if you want to hang it on your wall, you can do so with two command hooks (the sticky back plastic hooks). Either use the two holes to hang vertically, or one of the hooks and a bulldog clip on the other side to hang horizontally.

All of the flags are 3ft x 5ft, or 90 x 150cm which is the size of the large country flags you can find in sports stores etc.

Our flags are sent directly from the factory in China. We do this to reduce waste, and to offer as many different types of flags as possible. We provide tracking from China, and usually into your country (UK and USA at the very least!)