Book of Tailspace

Welcome to the Book of Tailspace. This section goes through pet play in detail over many different topics.

This is still a work in progress, so please get in touch if you have anything you would change.

Pony Play

This section will tell the ins and outs of pony play. When it’s written. Until then, enjoy what exists.

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What is Pet Play?

Popular choices include a puppy or a kitten as they are the most popular household pets (Source). However some choose other animals including horses, foxes, skunks and raccoons. All depending on what individuals feel closest to. You will find many in the community will mix pet play with many other kinks or fetishes, while some […]

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Gear for Pet Play

While for any kind of pet play to take place gear is not required some do find it helps them fit into their headspace, and some of it allows for a more comfortable and enjoyable time. Other gear from other categories is usually mixed. This ranges from popular things such as rubber and leather to […]

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Pup Play

Human Pup Play is simply the role-play of behaving and acting as a dog, or more specifically a puppy. Bringing the typical characteristics found in a [bio] puppy of being playful, active and even a bit cheeky and acting out the mindset in an idealised persona. Throughout the site, we will use the term bio […]

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History of Pet Play

Many people have different ideas as to where Pup Play comes from, and how it has grown into what it has become today. Sadly, from a more academic standpoint getting accurate sources for much of this information is difficult. This article tries to keep things brief with as much accuracy as possible. If you know […]

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