K9 Camping 2021

Stanley Head Activities Centre Tompkin Road, Stanley

Club Scritches | Doghouse | Kennel Klub| Pawz Out | Scots Pups would like to invite you to: K9 Camping on Friday 23rd to Sunday 25th July 2021, where the campsite at Stanley Head Activities Centre (https://www.stanleyhead.org.uk/) will be transformed into a large outdoor Kennel. This will be followed by an after party at Gossip […]


August 2021 Kennel Klub

Bar Pop 10 Canal Street, Manchester

Kennel Klub returns (subject to restrictions) in August 2021 at their usual venue of Bar Pop! Note: Times added to this event are provisional and subject to change.  


Hot Dogs Party

Las Papiernia Papiernia 5a, Wołomińska

Prepare yourself for for the best Polish Puppy party which will take place this September! This part is for all of the pups around the world! Most important info: Take your GEAR! It's a puppy event so more gear you have the better! Alcohol (We are unable to sell alcohol so you have to bring […]


Birmingham Pride Pawrade 2021

Birmingham Pride Birmingham

Pups ready to go on pawrade? Join us on Saturday 25h September for the Midland Pups pup march in the Birmingham Pride Parade! If you know you're able to come, please fill out the form. Please use the name you would like to be recognised by (i.e pup name): Joining us in the parade is […]


Manchester Doggy Weekend

Manchester Manchester

RETURNING FOR A WHOLE WEEKEND OF DOGGY FUN! We are excited to finally announce the return of Doggy Weekend! As we start to see the beginning of pandemic measures we felt it was a good time to now begin planning for a hopeful return to normality. We hope Doggy Weekend will be a great excuse to […]