Pup Play

Human Pup Play is simply the role-play of behaving and acting as a dog, or more specifically a puppy. Bringing the typical characteristics found in a [bio] puppy of being playful, active and even a bit cheeky and acting out the mindset in an idealised persona. Throughout the site, we will use the term bio pup or bio puppy to refer to an actual dog or puppy rather than a human pup.

It has a background and history in BDSM from a dominant/submissive prespective, and many in the community do enjoy pup play as part of healthy and safe BDSM practice. Although it also now has a more lifestyle prespective and pushes more into the role-play and “freedoms” away from the complications and stresses of typical human life. Besides, everyone loves a puppy.

Another aspect of pup play is from a more human aspect of a handler (also known by many different names) whereby you either own or help look after the pups. In a similar way you might adopt or own a bio pup or bio dog, this involves making pups do tricks for treats, trying to train them and even taking them for walks. By walkies, yes this absolutely includes pulling of the leash. And make sure you get a strong leash, as human pups can be pretty strong.

Throughout this section of the website, you can find more in-depth information including a look into the history of pup play, what gear and equipment is suitable and available for pup play and where you can find groups of like minded individuals to talk to and where you can attend meetups to be more dog together.

WTF is a Pup?

You’ve probably been linked to this page if you’re wondering what you’ve seen and have a few questions about it. This page hopes to clear up a couple of the questions you may have. What is a pup? Someone who likes to look and act like a dog (in some fashion) and bark usually. I’ve […]

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Pup Hoods

There are many different kinds of pup hoods available with many different materials such as neoprene, leather and rubber. Other materials can be used, but typically tend to be less common. Pre-Made Hoods

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Pup Events

There are a few different kinds of pup events which occur around the world. By a pup event, we define this as an event (meet-up, night in a club, gathering or something to do) designed specifically for human pups typically along with handlers and anyone who may be interested in the scene. Some events take […]

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Pup Packs

For many pups, getting a group of close friends together to form a pack is a fairly common thing. Many large packs also exist, but also packs involving just 3 or more pups also exist. The most important thing to note with packs, is they are a very personalised element of pup play and while […]

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