Pup Play

Pup Play is simply the concept of behaving and acting as a dog. Whether this comes down to a simple derogation concept of being below a human command or in the more simple-mindedness nature dogs appear to demonstrate.

WTF is a Pup?

You’ve probably been linked to this page if you’re wondering what you’ve seen and have a few questions about it. This page hopes to clear up a couple of the questions you may have. What is a pup? Someone who likes to look and act like a dog (in some fashion) and bark usually. I’ve […]

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Pup Hoods

There are many different kinds of pup hoods available with many different materials such as neoprene, leather and rubber. Other materials can be used, but typically tend to be less common. Pre-Made Hoods

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Pup Events

Pup Events are usually a great place for pups (and handlers and anyone interested) to get together and play around as pups. While many of them cater to different kinds of pups many of them share similar characteristics. For questions about specific events, contact the event organisers nicely. Before you go Before you go to […]

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Pup Packs

For many pups, getting a group of close friends together to form a pack is a fairly common thing. Many large packs also exist, but also packs involving just 3 or more pups also exist. The most important thing to note with packs, is they are a very personalised element of pup play and while […]

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All the Pup Gear at FETCH

Mitts, hoods, t-shirts, tails and more from FETCH in London, UK