Pup Packs

For many pups, getting a group of close friends together to form a pack is a fairly common thing. Many large packs also exist, but also packs involving just 3 or more pups also exist. The most important thing to note with packs, is they are a very personalised element of pup play and while we have tried to generalise the common roles and structure here, it is not representative of any pack.

Like with most things, it is important to respect other pack’s structures and note that while they may differ to your own, they are still completely valid. The best thing to do is to ask if the structure is not obvious.

Some may even use the roles of a pack, while not being in a pack, and purely use them for a description as to their typical role.

The idea of a pack is loosely modeled after that of a wolf pack. You will find online many, many more roles and behaviours with wolf packs which don’t extend across into a human pup pack, and some which do cross over.


Alpha. The Alpha in the pack is the one at the top position. Usually only one in a pack, and is the lead.

For a more sexual role, this is typically more dominant over everyone else in the pack.

For a more family role, this means being the one in charge generally, although listening to their lower members in the pack is still important.

Alphas have the decision making authority. With this, depending on each pack this can range from purely being a dominant in a group situation when being sexual to a more lifestyle of an alpha. While caring for everyone in the pack is important, even while being dominant, for more lifestyle orientated pups this also means taking on the responsibility of looking after the other pups and helping them be better pups.

Beta. Betas in a pack tend to sit in between the alphas and omegas.

For a more sexual role, this can be a switch who will both dominate and be submissive.

For a more family role, this means looking after the omegas while also being under the alpha’s control.

A common trope thrown around is the term of “Bratty Beta” where the Beta expresses themselves as a Brat, where they try to gain control and cause general trouble.

Omega. Omegas in a pack tend to sit at the bottom of the hierarchy.

For a more sexual role, this is typically a submissive who is typically submissive to everyone in the pack.

For a more family role, this can be those who need a lot of looking after and guidance.

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