WTF is a Pup?

You’ve probably been linked to this page if you’re wondering what you’ve seen and have a few questions about it. This page hopes to clear up a couple of the questions you may have.

What is a pup?

Someone who likes to look and act like a dog (in some fashion) and bark usually.

I’ve taken photos of pups

If we’re out in public that’s absolutely fine. We do ask that if you can see anyone without their hood (the mask that makes them look like a dog) on in a photo for their face to be obscured.

Also please send in any photos to us at [email protected] as we would love to see them! We will also help get the photos to the pups you’ve taken photos of!

Why is there a group of you?

Like you will see at a lot of Gay Prides, there are groups wearing leather and other various outfits, we like to have a group who like to dress up as pups and get together.

If you want to look like a dog, why leather or latex?

It happens to be a common thing over anything, but there are a couple factors which could have influenced this coming about:

  • The history of pup play comes from BDSM which involves many of these materials in other parts of it (For more on the history see :docs:`history`)
  • Some do actually aim for a more realistic approach. This is either from materials which look more like a dog but are more durable for usage as a person. This can include spotty Lycra to more custom materials. Some furries (those wearing a costume similar to that of mascot characters) have dog personas which can get quite close.
  • Fluff and other materials get everywhere and not the most hard-wearing materials for being on your hands and knees, and can get very expensive.

Why would you want to do this?


However pups choose to have fun with being a pup is up to them. For some, yes this is a sexual thing. For others, it’s about leaving behind rules and norms of being a human and embracing the fun and love of a real puppy.

The fun and excitement which you can see from a puppy the moment you walk in the door is what a lot of us aim to be.

I have more questions!

We’ll be happy to answer them:

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