Pup Events

There are a few different kinds of pup events which occur around the world. By a pup event, we define this as an event (meet-up, night in a club, gathering or something to do) designed specifically for human pups typically along with handlers and anyone who may be interested in the scene.

Some events take a more sexual side to pup play, and provide a safe space for those to engage with their fetish and play, while others offer a more social space for pups to fill up their water bowls (or glass) usually with a “mosh area” for those who want to get onto all fours and role-play as a puppy for a period of time.

For questions about specific events, contact the event organisers.

Before you go

Before you go to a pup event, it’s usually best to talk to a few people before you attend and also be informed of any last minute changes. Many events have a “Telegram Group” you can join and/or a Telegram Channel for various information. Those with a conversation group allows you to talk to and get to know many who will likely attend the event beforeand. For those who might be nervous with attending an event, talking beforehand online is definetely a must-do as many attendees will offer to meet up with you beforehand and introduce you to everyone.

The most important thing is to read and understand the rules set out by the event organiser. This is especially important around the appropiate behaviour (such as if sexual acts are allowed at the event) and clothing in the event, even if the venue typically has different rules. Organising and being able to use venue spaces is a difficult task in itself, and breaking the rules means venue holders will not allow future events to run.

Mosh Area

For the most typical pup events, you will find a mosh area. While this shares it’s name with the activity held at heavy metal concerts, it’s typically a lot calmer of a space. A good mosh area will have clean protective mats on the floor for your safety and wellbeing.

Some mosh areas will also have things such as a ball pit, or a cage to lock up pups who are trouble. At the very least a few dog toys to keep pups occupied with is very common. Throwing a ball at one another is also a very common activity. By going and supporting your local events they will be able to buy things to make the area better.

A good mosh area will also have plenty of space for all of those who wish to use it without potentially being stood on by anyone wishing to stand in the area.

Social Area

A lot of pup events will have some space for pups, handlers and anyone else to hang around, usually with a drink and chat. There is a wide variety of backgrounds pups come from, those who work in IT to those who work in healthcare and to those in retail.

Drinking alcohol should never be a requirement, and with wearing a pup hood and being on all fours this can be very dehydrating. Also for those wearing latex, or other warm materials, this can be even more so. In this case, we highly reconmend not treating pup events as a place to drink a lot of alcohol and to make sure lots of water is also drunk. Some pups will have some alcohol in order to “unwind” but definetely know your limits.

Taking Photos

At any event with any kind of relation or focus to BDSM, including all Pup Events, it’s important to ensure photography is controlled. Some events will not allow any photography of your own to be taken to ensure this is adhered to, so please ensure you are aware of event rules before attending.

If you do take photos at an event, please check every single photo before uploading anywhere on the internet and remove any faces who have not given expressed consent to be in the photo. Many photo editing apps exist for every platform that easily allow you to do this, however it can be as simple as using an app’s sticker method and placing stickers over the face or using a brush tool and drawing a scribble covering the face.

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