Pup Events

Pup Events are usually a great place for pups (and handlers and anyone interested) to get together and play around as pups. While many of them cater to different kinds of pups many of them share similar characteristics.

For questions about specific events, contact the event organisers nicely.

Before you go

Before you go to a pup event, it’s usually best to talk to a few people before you attend. Many events have a “Telegram Group” you can join to talk to people who normally attend the event or a similar mechanism of communication. This means you can meet up beforehand and you can make sure you arrive to the right place, especially if you are a little nervous as a lot of us are when first attending a new event.

The most important thing is to read and understand the rules set out by the event organiser. Breaking the rules ruins things for everyone. Venues are difficult enough to get for Pup events.

Mosh Area

One of the main parts of a pup event is a mosh area. No, it’s nothing like what happens at metal concerts. It’s an area with some padded mats and some dog toys to play with.

Some mosh areas will also have things such as a ball pit, or a cage to lock up pups who are trouble. However these are not required or at most events. By going and supporting your local events they will be able to buy things to make the area better.

Padded mats are important as they’ll protect pup’s knees and paws but also have a clear area to be careful of when standing up on. This ensures the event has an adequate amount of space for pups to play in.

Social Area

A lot of pup events will have some space for pups, handlers and anyone else to hang around, usually with a drink and have a chat. This provides an atmosphere to talk freely about pups, kittens, or anything similar.

Drinking alcohol is not a requirement. However, some pups find it helps them enter their headspace easier, while some find socialising easier.

It is important is making sure you drink enough to keep yourself hydrated as sometimes pups forget to drink enough.

Taking Photos

It is important at every pup event to be careful when taking any kind of photo. Some events will event ban photography of any kind so it is best to ask beforehand if you are planning on taking any photos.

This is in case a photo you take is posted online and in the background you can see any pups, handlers or anyone else without a hood to conceal their identity. Unfortunately this has caused some to loose their jobs or face disciplinary at their workplace.

Many events will have a designated photographer with a good camera who can make sure faces are removed where needed and usually the photos can be much better than that from a smartphone.

If you are taking photos at an event please take a moment to edit any photos and remove any visible faces who haven’t consented to being posted. Many apps are available for every kind of phone (many of which are free) which allow you to do this before sharing online.

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