Plastic Chain Collar

6mm Plastic Chain Collar. Cut to size and durable.


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A 6mm plastic chain collar is perfect for those who wish to have a lovely chain collar around their neck, but potentially aren’t looking for a metal chain either for the weight or asthetics of having one. Here we present a 6mm plastic chain, which is a perfect width for a human pup, and complete with a smalll metal clip to easily connect this together.

We have tested the chains here at Tailspace and these ones are pretty durable and can definetely handle a good tug. They can survive being run over with a car, so they’ll handle bratty pups who want to pull a bit.

Note: the manequin photo has been photoshopped to give a best indication of the colour. Pictured is 63cm size. The chains do not have an exact colour match with standardised colours.

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