Direct from China Fully enclosed pup hood

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Approx US $15 Ships from China


Approx US $15 Ships from China

Approx £20 Ships from United Kingdom

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This “Direct from China”, fully enclosed pup hood is a great budget hood which is suitable for those wanting to try pup play without the steep costs involved. Various colours are available from various suppliers online, with the range being expanded over time.

The material of the base hood is Neoprene, and the colour on the muzzle is a fabric texture. Different sellers at a variety of different price points offer different ranges of options. Some offer bundle deals which includes basic collars and/or armbands in matching styles.

Some pups have had success getting the white model of this hood and using conventional fabric dyes to customise their hoods.

While the design is heavily based on the Mr S styles of hood, it does allow those who don’t have the money or don’t know if they will fully enjoy pup play to experience it.

Note: We have added photos of the specific item we were sent when buying the item ourselves to give a more accurate representation of the product. Variations may exist from each individual manufacturer to manufacterer.