Telegram is a free messaging app, which at the time of writing is incredibly popular with pet players as well as being one of the most popular messaging apps in the world today. While other apps such as Signal and WhatsApp exist, a lot have found a place on Telegram to express themselves.

Telegram is available on iOS, Android, Windows (PC), Linux and macOS; for anyone else there are a couple different web based clients. To get started you just need a mobile number capable of recieving a SMS text.

Generally assume content posted into Telegram groups is at least semi-public, as many people can join and depending on the group can browse previously sent messages. This includes doing a quick check for anyone’s face you didn’t intend to be in any photographs and removing them,

Important Information

Note that to sign up to Telegram requires the use of a mobile number, and uses data from yourself and anyone else with your number to find each other (although this is configurable in the preferences). Most who use the platform set up their profile as their pup/pet profile which should be almost classed as public information.

If you don’t want your friends and family who have your mobile number to have any ability to see this profile, look into using a second number app such as MoreMins or getting a secondary SIM card. You can always move an existing Telegram account to a new number and then create a ‘normal’ profile using your main number. Just remember to keep the second number active and renewed just in case it’s required to login on a new device.

You only need to ocassionally recieve an SMS in order to log into to your Telegram account.

Usage of Telegram

There are a bunch of different Telegram groups and a range of Telegram stickers which allow pet players to express themselves. These groups vary from local, to national and intenational groups, with those as well which specialize in interests both related (gunge) and not related to pup and pet play (for example trains/railfans).

We have a directory of Telegram Stickers which can be sent in groups to express your emotions in pretty much every possible way. This includes photo based sticker packs, cartoon style, art and memes.

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