Gear for Pet Play

While for any kind of pet play to take place gear is not required some do find it helps them fit into their headspace, and some of it allows for a more comfortable and enjoyable time.

Other gear from other categories is usually mixed. This ranges from popular things such as rubber and leather to things such as work gear (hi-viz and PPE). And for some they feel comfortable in as little as possible.

Protective Gear

This gear is recommended for any pet player, as they are still a human being and need to look after their body to prevent long term damage. Knee-pads and gloves can be bought from many places relatively cheaply and can help significantly.


Most pet players will be on their knees for a long time. This can cause pain and damage to your knees and, sadly, we are still human and we have to look after our human bodies. Investing in some knee-pads is essential.

Different people have different bodies and prefer different types of knee-pads. There a wide range available and they don’t need to be expensive as knee-pads are a mass produced item.


Again being on your knees for a while can cause pain and damage, so protecting your hands is important as well. Boxing gloves or gloves for any sport with some padding are recommended as they do the job quite well and are reasonably priced.

While some choose to replace these with paws of some kind, these get expensive and opting for gloves first is a much more affordable option.

Pet Gear

For Pet Play itself, some gear can help enhance the role playing experience.


The first thing that comes to many people’s minds is a hood. Sometimes called a mask, it is used to cover away the human face and replace it with one which has a look of your persona’s.

Materials used for these can vary greatly from leather to rubber to fur and even cardboard. Different materials have different costs attached to them, however many different choices are available.

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A tail to wag is a popular choice. There are two main types of tail which are available, but the materials they come in can be different. Common types include silicone which can give a rubbery feel, and furry tails which are soft and fluffy.

The first type is the “clip on” or “show tail” where it simply clips onto some clothing or is designed to be attached to a belt. Some events will only allow this type of tail.

The other type is an insertable tail. These allow for an easier wag, and some prefer these for the intimate feeling of them. Different sizes are available, and finding the right size is important to ensure it is comfortable. Use of an insertable tail can be difficult for long periods of time, especially at first.


Paws can restrict hands and present a soft paw, as is the case for many types of pets. Many different types of paws exist, from soft to hard textures, and for front and back paws. While not as common as a hood, many different variations exist.


A collar can present a sense of ownership or purely just a subtle signal to others that they are a pet of some kind. For some, a collar is an item which symbolises their ownership to a handler.

Collars range from any kind of collar which can be bought from a typical pet store (chain collars and fabric based ones), to BDSM collars to custom made collars comprising of a variety of different materials.

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