25 May 2019

Birmingham Pride Pawrade 2019

Time Saturday 25th May, 2019 00:00 - 23:59

Pups ready to go on pawrade? Join us on Saturday 25h May for the Midland Pups fourth march (I know right?!) in the Birmingham Pride Parade!

If you know you’re able to come, please mark as attending on the page!

Joining us in the parade is completely free! However, if you would like to go to any of the other Birmingham Pride events going on, you’ll need to buy a ticket from them.

As the Parade Comittee haven’t issued the official Pride Briefing yet some of this information may change. Anyone who is marked as attending will be notified by e-mail about any changes.

On the Day

Group assembly place and time haven’t been announced by the pride comittee yet.

Expected to be around 10:30am at Victoria Square, we will notify attendees via email, as well as update the info on this page as soon as we learn more.

The group leader, Wolfy (pupper on the right on our banner), will be collecting names and signatures for EVERYONE walking with the group. This is a health and safety requirement and you will NOT be allowed to march if you don’t sign. All the groups will be positioned accordingly with the help or the Parade Officials.

Parade is expected to last about 45 minutes from start to finish. If our group goes over a certain size, a gap must be left near the middle of the parade group. There will a member of our team overseeing this during the parade. The gap may be crossed as long as no pups stop in it and the two sides remain roughly even. This is a health and safety requirement for any group over a certain size.

After the parade is over the group will most likely split into smaller groups, depending on people’s plans. We may be organising a group to go for food and drinks outside of the pride area. All pups, handlers and participants are welcome to come along.

Parade Route

The parade route has not been announced by the pride committee yet.

Dress Code

Wear whatever you feel comfortable in. Full gear, jeans and a t-shirt, shirtless, etc. Any pups planning on going on all fours are advised to wear knee pads and gloves/mitts for their own comfort and safety.

Do NOT wear plug tails. NO exposed butts. Birmingham Pride is a family-friendly event.


  • Introduce yourself to Wolfy or Halvor when you arrive. Wolfy is legally liable for everyone in the group, so he needs to know who you are and if you have any medical conditions.
  • Bring water and any medication you might need.
  • Stay behind the lead pup at all times on the walk.
  • We don’t know what the weather will be like, so please try and be prepared (hats, sun lotion, water, hats, jackets, etc.) and informed about weather forecasts
  • No handouts, banners, etc. This is because we are registered as a community group and not a business.
  • If you want to wave a flag of any kind, then we request that you stay at the back of the walking group at all times while waving it.
  • NO sharp or unfinished edges should be exposed
  • NO glass should be used in any way
  • NO alcohol, illegal items or illegal substances are permitted during ANY stage of the Parade.
  • Please do not litter during the parade.
  • Failure to follow any of these rules or the dress code may lead to you or the group being removed from the parade.


This year we will have photos taken by Halvor. Every effort for our official photos will be taken to remove faces from pups. If you are a handler who does not want their face published, please let us know.

As with previous years, members of the public as well as photographers working with the parade committee and local magazines will be taking photographs so please be aware of this.

Special thanks to Neil for the lovely photos in the event banner.