2 June 2020

K9 Pub: June 2020

Time Tuesday 2nd June, 2020 15:00 - 15:00

Puppy Play Sweden has entered a collaboration with Side Track Stockholm for an amazing K9 Pub for pups, handlers and all their friends of all genders and sexualities. This means that we will be hosting a monthly event at Sidetracks to bring the community closer and so that new pups can get to know new pups and handlers in a social and safe environment. By attending to the event and buying our specially arranged ”pupcorn” from dog bowls you will also be supporting the Puppy Play Sweden organisation!

There is no dresscode required, however you are free to come in your favorite puppy gear and hoods!

The first event will be held at Side Tack Wollmars Yxholmsgatan 7. Easiest way to get here is with the red metro line to Mariatorget.

Due to coronavirus we are taking extra precaustions and follow the public health authorities recommendations.

  • There will only be 44 seats avaiable so try to get in time to secure a spot!
  • Only table service will be available
  • No puppies are allowed to be on the floor as long as the corona measures are being taken.
  • Don’t move around the furniture at Side Track