Terms and Conditions

Tailspace 04/05/2018 – Version 0.1

These legal terms (English law applies) are between you and Tailspace. You agree to them by using the service.

You should also look at the privacy policy.

How to contact us

We’ll contact you using British English.

Updates to the Terms of Service

We will notify you on the site whenever we update the terms of service.

Updated versions of the Terms of Service will be effective immediately.

Your Content

Any content uploaded to the site belongs to, and is the responsibility of the user which uploaded it.

By uploading any content to Tailspace, you give Tailspace a royalty free, worldwide licence to duplicate, resize and distribute you content.

You can remove any content by deleting it from the system. We may still retain copies of your content through backups for some period of time.

You cannot upload any content:

  • Which is illegal in the United Kingdom
  • Which shows any person under the age of 18
  • Which contains the private information on any individual
  • Which contains bigotry, is defamatory or is fraudulent
  • Which is the copyrighted, or trademarked content of an individual without prior written permission
  • Viruses, destructive or corrupted content


By using the website in any medium, you agree you are over the age of 18 at the time of access.

Suspension of Services

We reserve the right to suspend or terminate any account and access to the service should we believe you have broken these terms and conditions or have violated the community guidelines.

In the case where we suspend or terminate an account of an individual under the age of 18, we legally need to store identifying information in order to prevent access of the individual until they are over the age of 18.

Availability of the service

The service is provided to you as-is without warranty.

In no way will Tailspace be liable to you for the use of the service.


We take intellectual property rights seriously.

If we find you have uploaded copyrighted material you do not own or have prior written consent to use, we may limit, suspend or terminate your access to the service.

(Please send any DCMA issues to our support page)