The Kinetic Kennel

Glowing pup play, pony play, and more. The Kinetic Kennel is the BDSM/Pet side of Lux Operon.

Lux Operon was founded in 2013 by Ali David, to produce glowing apparel for customers in fandoms including anime, gaming, and furries. With a wide use of EL Wire to produce goggles, panels, braids, and augmentations to costumes (and of course pup hoods).



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    GlowPup™ Hoods

    Neoprene pup hood with EL wire used to glow in various different colours with a custom sound based driver to glow to the beat.

    $125 at The Kinetic Kennel

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    Signature GlowPup™ Hood + Collar

    Glowing (EL Wire) pup hood and collar combo with a custom nametag to match. Sound reactive with a custom driver.

    $200 at The Kinetic Kennel

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    Street Paws

    Custom compression gloves to match your pup colours while still allowing access to those pesky human fingers. Not a pup? Not to worry, these gloves cover a wide range of different species.

    $30 at The Kinetic Kennel