Community Guidelines

These guidelines are designed to present a list of rules on what is and isn’t allowed on Tailspace.


  • Don’t post things about others in a negative manner
  • Respect others in how they wish to be expressed. This includes, but is not limited to, sexuality, gender, race or ethnicity.
  • Respect moderator decisions. If a moderator has called for the end of a discussion, then the discussion should be stopped immediately.
  • Try to keep discussions about “argumentative” topics away from general discussion. This means if you want to go talk about politics, gender, sexuality, or any kind of law, you should discuss this in a more relevant place.
  • Problems around specific individuals should be sent to a moderator and not posted in a public forum.
  • If an individual tells you explicitly to stop, then stop means stop.
  • Do not post images of an individual without consent. If you have photos you wish to include with individuals in the background we ask you to obscure their faces.

Other Organisations

  • Do not spam your products or services.
  • Always ask before posting any advertisements.
  • While on Tailspace we ask you to refrain from “marketing language” such as “the best” or “the most”.